August 2013

Filmonik Kabaret is over and for GraphicQuarter is was a belter! Starting with the branding for the event including teasers and trailers, the fun began even before the participants got together. But when things really got going, it was something else. Working on 7 films:  Apocalyptic mushroom clouds were made for Mat Johns, lots of VFX created for Una Love's The Beards, we set fire to some unfortunate folks in The Gingers Are Burning and made Mars for Chris Lanes epic musical Zombie Cats on Mars. Plus loads more that can be seen on the Filmonik Vimeo channel.

In other news Radio Silence is almost complete and ready to hit the festivals and talking of festivals The Loudest Minds has made a great start screening at Thurrock. Work has almost finished on Shooting on the Rim and work has begun on the next GQ animation.

The Worm films, George and Henry were screened at MancsterCon this month and by all accounts were a big hit. Read the review here.

That's all for now... As always, thanks for watching.

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January 2013

Well 2013 has started with a Bang! and a Wam, Pow! GraphicQuarter, put together this video for the track Wam! Bang! Pow! (Let's Rock Out) by Eddie Argos and The Lo Fi Punk Rock Motherfuckers. The track taken from Vol 1 (Wam Bang Pow), can be bought here. Great song, happy with the video and Eddie likes it too!

Work has begun on a new as yet untitled short animation. Early tests are in the back and characters are designed. A few tweaks to the script and hopefully on for a summer release, so watch this space.

Before that though, two films will get their respective releases. John Grey's 'The Loudest Minds' and Matt Johns 'Radio Silience'. GraphicQuarter will be creating effects shots and title sequences for both these films. Early work has already begun and is looking really cool. In addition to the work with Johns, GraphicQuarter has also updated the ZFF brand identity that Johns works under. Fantastic to get the chance to work with these talented Manchester filmmakers.

Speaking of Manchester film. The next Filmonik Kabaret has been announced. Taking the form of the Gorilla Kabaret, the event will happen over Easter weekend in March. Click here for more details and a take a look at the GraphicQuarter produced artwork.

That's all for now. As always, thanks for watching.

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August 2012

The Worm returns! GraphicQuarter is pleased to announce the release of Henry and the Worm, the follow up film to George and the Worm. We last saw Worm battling with George over his choice in music, an argument that came to an explosive end. But Worm survived and has turned over a new leaf. Let's see if he and Henry can get along a little better.

We've lots more projects on the go too, working on no less than three films with some titans of the Manchester film scene. GraphicQuarter is also working on graphics for one of the regions most respected film festivals. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and of course, right here for more news and updates. Thanks for watching.

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July 2012

It's been a while since the last GQ update, so we thought we'd better let you know what's been going on.

First up, there is a new film in the works. Due to GQ involvement in other projects, production has been a little slow, but there will be a new GQ release in the next month or two. The projects keeping us busy though are all amazing of course. From epic productions to small vanity projects, here's a few of the things we've been up to…

We Face Forward, an arts project in conjunction with Band on the Wall, has seen GQ create all the graphics branding and animation for a series of short films about West African music and art. The project run by The BBCs Space is part of the London 2012 Cultural Festival and can be seen here. Keep an eye on GQ for more Band on the Wall projects coming soon.

Next up is the truly epic short film 'Will Power' from Tim Limon, part of the Zero Facility group. The film produced by Chris Lane Productions has brought together literally hundreds of Manchester's finest to create a memorable piece of cinema. GQ created the opening titles and closing animated sequence to the film, that gets it's world premiere this month. Details on the event can be found here.

The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter is an iconic landmark track for the band. A GQ favourite, we took the opportunity upon finding individual tracks of the song, to provide a unique insight into the make-up of this amazing piece of music. Have a listen here, on the GQ YouTube channel.

GraphicQuarter has been a long term collaborator with Filmonik, the Manchester based open mic film night for a number of years now. The Kabaret events are an amazing opportunity to create films as part of a group and the recent event proved to be one of the best yet. Have a look at the Vimeo channel to see what was made, including a GQ film and many others featuring GQ graphics. Keep an eye out on the Filmonik website for news of the next event, graphics for which, GQ is currently working on.

Lastly, another huge film collaboration was the beautifully shot 'Photoshopping' by Mark Davenport. GQ again had the pleasure in creating the opening title graphics. This brilliant piece of short film is well worth checking out.

That's all for now. We'll keep you updated on news of that new short. As always, thanks for watching.

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Decemember 2011

GraphicQuarters final release for 2011 intoduces a new 3D character animation, starring a giraffe named George. The clean look and simple story, echo the look and feel of a childrens cartoon, but as is often the case, all is not quite as first appears. See what George gets up to in 'George and the Worm'.

With a couple of new projects already planned for 2012, including some continued collaborations, we look forward to next year and hope you'll continue to follow what happens here at GraphicQuarter. Happy Xmas!

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August 2011

After many months of animating Spasm finally twitches into life. A 3D world of switches, gauges, sliders and general industrial madness. The animation clocking in at just over a minute, with layered graphics and sound from Actionfist will be coming to the big screens soon, but watch it at GraphicQuarter first.

Also new this month, all GraphicQuarter films will now stream on the GQ site from Vimeo. So now you can watch full screen, comment and share GraphicQuarter films. Take a look at the GQ Channel here.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Get along to the CineMadtic event at MadLab in Manchester on Friday 2nd September to see some great short films, including a couple of GraphicQuarter faves!

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May 2011

Philm will get it's festival premiere at Athens Video Art Festival this month. With screenings from 20th-22nd at Technopolis. Take a look at the festival website for more details.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: What We Do is screening on between 8th-14th June. Watch in full HD for free!

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April 2011

It's been a busy start to 2011 with lots of projects in the works. GraphicQuarters last film outing 'What We Do' makes it's festival debut in America this month at the Talking Pictures Festival on Saturday 16th April. If you didn't catch 'The Misadventures of Cyril' and '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' on Reel North Last month, fear not, you can always catch them here. We'll be back soon with more film news, including a sneak look at the next retina melting GraphicQuarter animation!

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September 2010

The phrase '(films) are like buses' seems quite apt this month, for we have a new animated short to shout about... and it features a bus! Titled 'What We Do', the film takes a look at those situations in life where we often stand and ponder "What if?". Something often keeps us in line, being sensible, dutiful, but wouldn't it be fun to once in a while be ruled by heart instead of head? This comedic journey follows our friend as he enconters these daily questions and chooses whether to tow the line or throw caution to the wind.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep will be screening on Germanys Einsfestival channel as part of the Köln Comedy Kurzfilmfestival 2010, on Saturday 16th October. Tune in if you get chance.

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August 2010

First up we'll tease you no longer. 'Man's Best Friend' can now be seen here at GraphicQuarter! The thriller filmed earlier this year in run down buildings, abandoned hospitals and epic open parkland, finally, after numerous cuts, tweaks, reshoots and alternate grades is unleashed in every sense of the word. Why not come along to Filmonik this month and check it out on the big screen, hear from us first hand about the production and of course, let us know what you think.

We've other screening news this month too. This time a little further a field at The Hyart Film Festival in Wyoming USA. Sadly we won't be there to talk about '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' getting it's second American outing, but if you are in the area, do go down and take a look.

Lastly, alongside GraphicQuarter productions, we've been known to be sociable and create filmic treats with others too. This month sees us team up with Operating Theatre Films to create 'In Case of Epidemic'. GraphicQuarter took on the animation for the project, keep an eye on the OP website for details.

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July 2010

The new GraphicQuarter film 'Man's Best Friend' will be released next month, just one of three possible summer releases! But before you get to feast your eyes on that, check out this... 'Invisible Bullets' by director Chris Lane. Keep an eye on the credits for a familiar name.

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June 2010

GraphicQuarter will release two new short films this summer. But while you're waiting for that to happen, check out the Mishorts site, where GraphicQuarters 'The Pass' has been named Critics Choice Drama of the Month.

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April 2010

Things are as busy as ever here at GQ, lots going on with the productions we talked about last time. But until those fruits ripen, here's a few other things to check out...

North West New Wave (NWNW) is "an unofficial movement, idea and collaborative support network to assist those making self funded feature films" according to their website. An ident for the movement has been created by GraphicQuarter and can now been seen in the media area. The audio on the sting was also created at GQ, but only as a stop gap, the intention being to open the door of creativity to anyone who wants to dabble with sound. A competition of sorts will soon be revealed on the NWNW facebook page. Take a look and let your mind and ears run free!

Next up we have an interview that was done for MeshMinds, the creative online hub for artists. From daydreams to broken rules, check out the interview online here.

Finally, we come to some screening news. GraphicQuarters 'The Skys Gone Out' was recently shown at MagMart, the International video art festival, in it's 5th year at PAN - Palazzo delle Arti, in Napoli. The 3 day event saw some 292 videos by 190 artists, from all around the world. From this, some 30 winning videos will be selected, keep an eye on the MagMart site on April 17th for the announcement, with the show being broadcast on the very cool VisualContainer site... well worth a look!

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March 2010

We'll keep it short and sweet this month. On the screening news front, 'The Skys Gone Out' will be shown at 700IS 2010 festival in Iceland from 20th - 27th March. The experimental film festival has become a beacon for innovative and mind melting video art and short film, check out the site to find out more.

There'll be lots of new stuff appearing in the media area of GraphicQuarter in the next few weeks. But first out of the blocks is a sting for Thomson Audio, composer and sound designer. Check out the new website where the sting will soon be available.

Lastly, some news about forthcoming attractions. There are two shorts currently in production here at GraphicQuarter, racing to see which one gets a release date first! A currently unnamed animation is taking an early lead, while the weather outside is grim, but as the spring thaw kicks in, filming will begin on a new dramatic thriller, with a twisted twist. As always, keep an eye on the site, subscribe and drop us a line...

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January 2010

Welcome to 2010! What better way to start a new decade than with a new film? So may we present 'Philm', which sees a return to a hard edge graphic style. An abstract collection of shapes, houses an ususual narrative emmersed in a disorientating 3D world. Concerned with many things, Philm touches on social media, the way we live our lives and the preconceptions we hold. Although nothing to do with love, Philm will have it's premier at Filmoniks valentine themed event on Sunday 14th February, as always check the site for details.

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December 2009

We've got a bit of everything in this months news, kinda fitting for a year that has seen a lot of different projects happening at GraphicQuarter. So in no particular order, first up, The Alexander Wilson Project. AWP is an online thriller aimed at young adults and culture vultures, with a trailer cut by GraphicQuarter. Check out the GQ cut and others here.

The first GQ screening of the month will undoubtably be 'Dead Conversation' showing at the 'Son of a Movie Bar' event in Brighton on Tuesday 1st December. A highly respected event in the indie film night calendar, more info can be found here, including a full list of films to be shown.

Speaking of well respected film nights, Manchester's very own Filmonik hits the screens again this month and with a new fancy venue to boot! Come down to The Deaf Institute on Sunday 13th December to see what the Filmonik team have in store.

In a slight shift now, we take a look at two projects in which GraphicQuarter has been working these last few weeks. First up GQ has provided title graphics and special effects for Matt Routledges new trailer for his kung fu epic 'Sim Card'. Starring Zara Phythian, this energetic clip tells the story of our herione coming to terms with her past and taking revenge in her future! Also on the trailer front we have Highly Visual, a spoof from the Big Tank team. GQs involvement was again for title graphics. Both projects are now nearing completion, so keep an eye out for updates.

Lastly, some more updates on things to look out for in 2010. GQ will be looking to hit the ground running with two new shorts, one live action and one animation. As always keep an eye on the website and in case you haven't already, subscribe to the podcast, follow on twitter or be our facebook friend.

Until next year...

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Skys Gone Out is making another appearance on the OneDotZero International Tour. This time stopping in at the festival accès[s] in Pau, France, from 11th-12th December.

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October 2009

Some screening news this month. First up The Mini Cine Picture Show is having a 'Best Of' retrospective at Bar Odd, as part of the Free for Arts Festival on Wednesday 7th October. GraphicQuarters '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' will be shown at the event, check out the Mini Cine site for more info and a full list of films.

A little further a field for the next screening. 'The Pass' makes it's second festival appearance as part of The Global Cinema Festival in India. The festival runs from 9th-15th October in Indore and promises to be an event making a name for itself on the festival circuit. More info on the festival and films here.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep will be shown at TAKES 1st Birthday in London on Wednesday 28th October.

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September 2009

Some exclusive film news, interviews and screenings this month. First up a new/old film gets an exclusive airing on the GQ Podcast. 'Angry Alphabet' is a good old fashioned rant, that was created for this years Filmonik Kabaret event. Due to popular demand it now hits cyberspace, despite utilising some questionable sources and finds itself housed safely in the snug of the podcast. Check it out via iTunes and don't forget to subscribe! (*this episode will not be uploaded to YouTube so subsription is the best way to keep up to date).

Keeping with the retrospective theme. An interview first done for Channel M last year, can now be watched in the media area. The informal chat for the channels 'Reel North' programme, talks about some early GraphicQuarter films and how the world of short film is evolving.

Finally, 'The Sky's Gone Out' will be shown at Flexiff 09. The First and the Last Experimental International Film Festival, based in Sydney, Australia, will run from 25th-27th September. Check out the website for more details.

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August 2009

Short and sweet this month, it's podcast time! There are two new episodes of the GraphicQuarter podcast now available via iTunes and YouTube. Episode 6 introduces a new style for the podcast which is now widescreen and boasts new graphics and introductions. The main show features behind the scenes footage from 'The Pass' and gives some insight into the filming escapades from the shoot. Episode 7 follows quickly on it's heels with another chance to see the 'What is GraphicQuarter' video. Don't forget to subscribe to keep up with the action.

Keeping with 'The Pass' for a moment, you can see the film at the months Filmonik event on Sunday 2nd August from 20:00, in what promises to be another great night of short independent film. Also on the screening news front, '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' will be shown at the North By Northwestern Festival on Wednesday 5th August as part of the Cling Film Independent Short Film programme, check the site for more details.

Finally we'd like to draw your attention to the photographic work of Tessellated Mind. Based in Romania. Photos can be found here on Flickr, including a set inspired by GraphicQuarters 'The Sky's Gone Out'.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep and The Sky's Gone Out will be shown at the Cinema Indipendente Sardo Festival in Italy on Thursday 27th August.

MORE LATE BREAKING NEWS: GraphicQuarter will return to the Aeon Festival this year, with screenings of The Pass, Attrition and Portal. Check out the site for more details of the event happening August Bank Holiday weekend (28th-30th).

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July 2009

This month we have a new film to shout about. 'The Pass', GraphicQuarters new dramatic thriller is now available to see exclusively here on the GraphicQuarter site. The eerie 6 minute short was filmed over two days in deepest darkest Derbyshire, involving multiple camera styles, costumes and lots of traffic dodging. With references from Hitchcock to The Wicker Man, the film tells the tale of a commuter lost in the wilderness. Keep an eye on GraphicQuarter for further screening news.

The Pass will get one of it's first outings at Filmonik next month on Sunday 2nd August at Odder in Manchester. But before that, Odder will host another GQ film '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' will be shown as part of The Mini Cine Picture Show for The Not Part of Festival on Sunday 12th July.

Keeping with screening news and GQs Filmonik connection. As part of a Filmonik programme, two films 'The Misadventures of Cyril' and 'Being' will be shown on Manchesters BBC Big Screen, check the Screenings page and Filmonik website for details.

Lastly the answer to a long asked question... "What is GraphicQuarter"? The tricky subject has been tackled in the only way we know how, with a video. Available on the GraphicQuarter Films Vol.1 DVD (available at, it can now also be seen online on the GQ Media area. Take a look, all will be revealed.

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April 2009

The Sky's Gone Out hits New York this month! Screening at Onedotzeros event at the brand new EMPAC (experimental media & performing arts centre) in Troy, New York State. The film once more slots into the Cityscape programme of the Adventures in Motion Tour, starting at 12:30 on Saturday April 18th. Be sure to get along if you can and check out some of the amazing films in this stunning new building.

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March 2009

A varied selection of news this month, kicks off with Beatnik TV. The online TV station (found on MySpace, YouTube and Vimeo), breaches cyberspace in May, bringing a selection of films and animations to the MAPS Festival (Music, Art, Poetry and Stuff) in Manchester, May 22nd-25th. GraphicQuarter will be featuring, but if you can't wait that long, be sure to check out the visual delights online.

Next up is another step into reality. GraphicQuarter films have long been available online, but now, for the first time ever, 14 films have been collected together on DVD for you to own! And even cooler than that, we're not asking you to send your coppers through the post or via carrier pigeon, the DVD is now available exclusively at Amazon! Priced at a very reasonable $15, check out the site for more details.

Finally, as mentioned previously, GraphicQuarter is now in cahoots with Manchesters most innovative film night Filmonik. This month sees the return of the Filmonik Kabaret, a week long film making extravaganza, with no less than 3 screenings throughout the city. To mark the occasion, some of the work produced for the events can now be found in the media and print areas at GraphicQuarter. Check out the links, be inspired, come along and get involved.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep will be shown as part of the Drop Shot night at the BFI on Wednesday 25th March from 19:00.

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January 2009

Happy New Year and welcome to GraphicQuarter in 2009! Lots of exciting screening news to kick off the new year. A bumper weekend sees GraphicQuarter showing two films, 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep and The Sky's Gone Out at Not Part Of's NYE3 event in Manchester on Saturday 17th January. The show starts at 17:00 and continues late into the evening with a mix of theatre, film, dance and music. Get tickets in advance from Quay Tickets to avoid disappointment. The very next day (Sunday 18th January), 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep makes it's second appearance of the weekend at the opening night of Odders Mini Cine Picture Show. The new monthly film night, again in Manchester, promises to be one to keep an eye on!

Sticking with screening news but on a slightly different tack, GraphicQuarter is pleased to announce the return of Filmonik! After a lengthy break these last few months, Manchester's open mic film night bursts back onto the scene on Sunday 1st February at Bar Odder. GraphicQuarter will be there... with a new film (details on the night) and will also be providing video graphics for the evening... keep your eyes peeled! The film nights will now run bi-monthly and entry is still a credit crunch defying £2! Check out the new Filmonik website for more details on what's happening.

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December 2008

Well 2008 certainly has been a busy year. With new projects released and conceived (more on that shortly) and a record amount of public screenings... over 50 in fact, it's been hard to keep up! The Sky's Gone Out has hit the ground running with numerous festival appearances, including the massive OneDotZero Interternational Tour. We've had some unique screenings like The Box at the Skyscraper Festival and some old favourites like Attrition and Dead Conversation making sure they don't get forgotten.

Before we bring 2008 to a close, there's a new promo film on GraphicQuarter going by the name 'The Wizard's Terrible '10'. The film is a documentary-esque piece about an annual athletics meet in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Filmed on a cold and wet Sunday morning in October, the film depicts the energy, spirit and fun of the event as the runners pit themselves against some of the most gruelling hills around. The film can also be found on YouTube if you like to do the whole rate and comment thing.

If all that makes you feel a bit weary and in need of something to jolt your senses, check out the new animated sting for the Not Part Of Festival in the media section. The short sting was produced to envoke the feeling of the festival, what it represents and what it supports. Check out their website to find out more.

We have a bumper screening schedule to see out the old and bring in the new. On New Years Eve, GraphicQuarter has no less than four films showing at the Toast Live night in Manchester. Attrition, The Misadventures of Cyril, Dark Particles and Day2 will all be there, following on from last months screening of The Sky's Gone Out. More details on the night can be found at the Toast Live website.

So that's it. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and be sure to keep an eye on GraphicQuarter in 2009, with what promises to be another great year. New projects are on their way, with some already in production and others in the final scripting and story-board stage. As always, thanks for watching.

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November 2008

It's film festival month this month with five films screening in just six days. The first screening is for 'The Sky's Gone Out' at the BFI Southbank as part of OneDotZeros 'Adventures in Motion' festival. The film can be seen as part of the 'Citystates' programme on Saturday 15th at 20:40 and Sunday 16th at 18:10. The Saturday screening will also feature a special introduction by GraphicQuarter.

Whilst 'The Sky's Gone Out' is screening in London, it will also be shown simultaneously in Bucharest as part of the fiction programme at Kinofest. The screenings will take place at The National Museum of Contemporary Art between Friday 14th - Sunday 16th. Check out their website for further details.

The following week sees a return to the big screen for 'Attrition', showing at the Hatch film and performance night in Bradford on Thursday 20th at 19:30. The following night 'Dead Conversation' is showing at Salford Film Festival (Friday 21st) as part of the 'Quirks & Twists' programme at 18:00. And to mark the occasion, the film can now also be found listed on iMDB.

Sticking with iMDB for a moment, the 'who's who' of films on the web are now including live video as part of the site. So now not only can you find GraphicQuarter films on there, but you can watch them too!

Finally, if watching films online is your thing, then it's fair to say you've probably watched quite a few on YouTube. Many GraphicQuarter films can be seen on the site, but in addition, GraphicQuarter Podcasts are now also available too. So if you don't use iTunes or own an iPod and just want to catch the show online, now you can.

Toast Live in Manchester will be showing 'The Sky's Gone Out' on Friday 28th November starting at 20:00. Check out details of the screening on the Toast Live website. Entry is free, so drop in, grab a drink and make yourself comfy.

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October 2008

After another lengthy lay-off, the GraphicQuarter Podcast returns, with not one, but three episodes! Well there's really just two, but one is split in half (to ease the pressure on your bandwidth). Episode 4 features the live broadcast of 'The Box' at The Skyscraper Festival and is in general and brief catch up on some of the screening news we've had recently. Episode 5 then returns to the familiar format, going behind the scenes of a GraphicQuarter film. In honour of the recent OneDotZero accolade, the featured film is 'The Sky's Gone Out', delving deep into the murky industrialised world.

Next up, how about three GraphicQuarter films running back to back! That's what will be happening on Propeller TV throughout October. Be in front of your TV on 8th, 13th, 21st, 29th Oct and 3rd Nov from 21:30. The films shown (in order) will be... 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep, Dead Conversation and The Sky's Gone Out. Tune in on Sky channel 195... that should keep you busy for a while.

In a broadcast of a slightly different nature. GraphicQuarter is proud to be part of the Frieze Film 2008: Road Movie. The project is a four-part film created by artists and film-makers that is produced and distributed on YouTube. An experiment in film-making, the final result is a film made in an entirely new way: the first multi-authored fractal film assembled by the artists and curator out of the sum of the submitted parts. GraphicQuarters contribution can be seen in Part 2 on YouTube and will be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK at 19:55 on Tuesday 14th October.

Finally we wrap up with another visit to Manchester's Vaudeville night, this month celebrating in style with a special retrospective programme entitled Vaudeville 100. The show starts at 19:00 on Friday 24th October at the Greenroom. A number of GraphicQuarter films will be featured, but how many and which ones is being kept top secret, the only way to find out first is to come along for what promises to be a great night.

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September 2008

GraphicQuarter is very pleased to announce that 'The Sky's Gone Out' has been selected for OneDotZero's 'Adventures in Motion 2008/09 Festival Tour'. The much anticipated event kicks off in Argentina, 26-28th September, with following dates confirmed for Zurich in October and London in November at the prestigious BFI. Last year's tour was seen by over 41,000 people. Keep an eye on the OneDotZero events page and make sure you're one of them this year!

Moving onto more 'big' screening news a little closer to home. Last month's screening of 'The Box' at the Skyscraper Festival in Manchester has been captured and uploaded for those of you who couldn't be there... we wouldn't want you to miss out! The 25 second clip was shown over 2500 times in just one week and cut an imposing 120ft figure in the Manchester skyline. Check the City Gateway website for more info on this unusual outdoor screen.

Traveling south to London for the next show, two films, '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' and 'Too Short' can be seen at the Film Cafe in Walthamstow on Friday 19th September, check out the website for more details. Staying in the capital, '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' will also be shown at Rotoreliefs on Wednesday 24th September at The Roxy (near London Bridge). GraphicQuarter will be there to talk about the film. Check out the site for further details. Entry is FREE.

Switching to broadcast now, 'Dead Conversation' hits the airwaves this month on Propeller TV with multiple screenings on 2nd, 10th, 15th, 23rd September and 1st October all at 20.30. Tune into Sky channel 195 to watch.

Finally we go online. GraphicQuarter has become iPhone friendly. If you're browsing with the Apple device, check out the iPhone page at GQ, with a selection of promos, stings and of course all your favourite GraphicQuarter films.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: In addition to the screenings already mentioned for Dead Conversation on Propeller TV, the short film channel on Sky channel 195 will be showing no less than three GraphicQuarter films in a row (The Sky's Gone Out, Dead Conversation and Very Nearly an Armful) on Sunday 28th September. Tune into the Film First programme between 22:30 - 22:45 and keep an eye out for more Propeller TV screening news soon.

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August 2008

We won't keep you long this month, just long enough to let you know that the dates for screening at HypTV's Skyscraper Festival have been announced. GraphicQuarters entry 'The Box' can be seen on the Manchester 'Skyscraper' Tower for one week commencing Monday 25th August. If you're not in Manchester that week, fear not as GraphicQuarter will be sending down the cameras to catch the action!

One more piece of screening news... 'The Sky's Gone Out' and 'Dark Particles' will both be shown at this years Aeon Festival, taking place at Shobrooke Park (near Exeter) on 23rd & 24th August. Check out the website for more details.

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July 2008

A good place to start as always is with screening news. The Too Short series can be seen on Propeller TV again this month with screenings on 7th, 15th and 23rd from 20:00-20:15 (Sky Channel 195). DisPATCH gets not one but two screenings this month and in the space of just 48 hours! The first at Kinofilm's 'Kino Shorts' night (part of 'Not Part Of Festival') on Tuesday 8th at The Greenroom. Followed by a screening on the Guerilla Shorts programme taking place at the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds on Thursday 10th. The shows start at 20:00 check out the websites for more details.

While we're looking at websites, a great one to visit is ROJO TV. ROJO shows arts and culture films from around the globe and now has 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep and The Sky's Gone Out amongst its titles.

Lastly there have been some changes happening right here at GraphicQuarter. The former download area has now been renamed 'Media' and has been updated and overhauled. The previous content is still there to enjoy, but there are now a few additions including work done for HouhynmnsTV, Filmonik and 'The Box'; a piece short listed for The Skyscraper Film Festival in Manchester. Keep an eye out on the GQ screening page to find out when 'The Box' and other GQ films will be shown. And don't forget to subscribe to keep up with all the latest news!

*If you fancy a break from all this experimental stuff, there's a new showreel featuring GQ films along with some more commercial productions here.

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May 2008

A new film hits GraphicQuarter this month. The much anticipated experimental short 'The Sky's Gone Out' has finally wrapped after 2 years of on/off production and can now be seen in the GQ film room. The tale of despair at the state of future society features music by Moby and can also be seen on the mobygratis YouTube channel. A synopsis of the film can be found on it's film page along with a transcript from the film. It's dark... very dark!

To lighten the tone a touch, we move onto screening news. This month see's The Flick Film Festival returning with their 2008 programme (16th-24th May). Following on from last years screening of 'Day2', this years see's '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' getting an outing. Check the site for screening details.

Lastly, GraphicQuarter is back at Vaudeville this month. It's been a while since GQ has screened at the influencial film and performance event, but we return with the second outing this month for '10 Ways to Shear a Sheep' and an early appearance for 'The Sky's Gone Out'. The films will be shown on Thursday 29th May from 19:30 with entry for just £3 (£2 concessions). Check out the venues website for details.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep has been selected for the Best of the Flick Film Festival night on Wednesday 21st May. Check the links above for more details. And finally to round off, 'The Sky's Gone Out' will make it's debut at Filmonik 38 on Sunday 11th May.

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April 2008

You'd be forgiven for thinking that things have been a little quiet here at GQ over recent months, but rest assured there's plenty going on behind the scenes!

To keep you amused we have the on-going screenings on ChargeTV (Being, Dead Conversation and The Misadventures of Cyril are showing the week beginning 31st March) and GraphicQuarter has now added 'Very Nearly an Armful' to the stream down at Current TV... tune and vote respectively.

The long awaited 'The Sky's Gone Out' project is almost complete and should come to a shuddering halt later this month. The experimental film/animation has undergone quite a metamorphosis since the early pre-production stages that started some two years back. A tale of alienation and discomfort with the modern world, the film hits many of GraphicQuarters darker themes. Don't forget to subscribe and keep up-to-date with the latest news!

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February 2008

A belated welcome to 2008, we're easing our way into the new year, one that promises to deliver some very different GQ productions, along with some more familiar visual treats. One thing's for sure, the screening bandwagon rolls on!

First up it's the Too Short series, which can be seen on PropellerTV this month (sky channel 195). The first showing was on Saturday 26th January, but repeats will air over the next five weeks on the 'Film First' programme. Check daily listings at the website for details. The films feature in the last half hour of the show.

Staying with TV broadcasts. A little further down the dial, you'll find ChargeTV, airing on the community channel (Sky 539, Virgin 233 and Freeview 87). This one's a bit of a bumper slot with no less 8 GQ films being shown, including all episodes of Too Short, as well as the award winning pilot episode and the special feature 'Don't Bug Me'. The films can be seen throughout February, the shows premiere on Thursdays with repeats throughout the week. Check daily listings for times.

Lastly, but sticking with the screening news, the Mid Valley Film Festival in Salam, USA, will be showing Portal, Day2 and 10 Ways to Shear a Sheep as part of the animation section of the festival. The screenings will all be on Saturday February 23rd at The Nothern Lights Theatre, check out the website for more details.

Before we go, a quick announcment that episode 2 of the Filmonik podcast is now online and can be seen here.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Misadventures of Cyril will be screening at 'Shots & Shorts' love themed event on Wednesday 27th February. Details can be found on the Connected Pictures site.

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