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Being Multi-disciplined.

This weeks post is a follow on from last weeks where I talked about Cinema 4D. It seems that a few folks didn’t know I did 3D work. So todays topic is about being. There’s definitely a movement toward knowing more than one pigeonholed post production role, particularly within corporate circles and I’ve long championed being a ‘Jack of all trades’ and joke about mastering a few too. Whether I’m editing, animating in 2D or 3D, grading or playing with sound, I’m always pushing to be at the top of my game. It’s true though that I specialise more in the edit and animation side of post, but even that provides an employer with more scope to mould me around a job, making it quicker, cheaper, generally more desirable to hire me. It helps to make you more proficient all round, if you understand the animation principles of a job, you’re more likely to make the edit work better and vice versa. The same could even be said between the roles of producer and editor, having even a basic understanding of the other role can only help in streamlining the post production process, even if a larger team of people are involved. Ultimately it’s about enjoying your work, if you want to be known for just grading and being brilliant at that then go for it, but I’ve always enjoyed mixing things up and will always encourage the teams I work with to embrace that and encourage creativity as much as possible.



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