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I’m gonna get a bit deep this week as I muse about communication. Now most of what a create is based around communication, clients relaying information to their colleagues, companies to their customers, advertisers to their audience. I understand the best way to convey these messages, make them accessible, clear, engaging and if appropriate, fun! But that’s all the end game. Good communication needs to start at the beginning of every job, maybe even before, when I’m booked onto a project. Everyone should understand the aims, the expectations, the timeframes. Being able to communicate well is paramount to avoiding avoidable issues further down the line. So much so that even if unexpected problems arise, good communication can deal with and fix them quickly. When you’re working a staff position, relationships built within teams can aid this communication, it can become second nature. When you’re freelance through, even with teams you work often with, you have to focus even more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, cover all aspects of the job, raise concerns if need be, it’s best to start a project with all the information, ready to go, so you can concentrate on the creative. In a world that seems to be lacking a desire to communicate, it’s perhaps all the more important to make the effort.



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