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Blog Launch!

So I’ve been pondering how best to use this website, as it’s still be just sat here with little purpose. To try and rectify this, I’m gonna have a go at a weekly blog post and see how that goes. I’ll try and keep the topics quite random, in the hope of not running of ideas 😉

To kick things off... Plugins! I had a few false starts on a job this week due to a pesky plugin, thankfully all was sorted in the end and to be honest I think the job was actually better for finding an alternative solution (despite getting the plugin working). The troublesome offender was from Red Giant... a literal giant when it comes to plugins in After Effects and I’m certainly not going to bash RG, their stuff is awesome... but I do sometimes wonder if we rely too much on these bits of software. There’s always the danger of your work becoming samey, but also the added issues when these little timesavers end up being time wasters due to bugs and quirks. I guess it’s all just part of the process, but like I said I was rather happy not only to get the issue fixed, but also find a solution that I preferred (and the client was happy with) without needing the plugin at all.

Now I’m not sure if people will want to chime in on these posts. They might get quite bespoke and not always have much of an audience, so I’ll just scribble down my thoughts. Some may read them, like them, have thoughts in response and others my scroll by. Let’s just see what happens.

In summary, Plugins - Generally very useful, but sometimes buggy and a pain in the arse.



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