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This week has been a lot of fun. Partly because I’ve been working on an edit with heart and purpose, doing good in the community, but mostly because I got some ridiculously positive feedback from the client... not my client, but my clients client, the one that puts the cash in. Now I’ve been very lucky this year, working on loads of awesome projects, in nice places, with nice people and I’ve had some great feedback, but there’s nothing quite like the glow you get when I client validates your work on the first cut. Not that I’m against notes, I’m all for them in fact. I don’t always get one on one contact with the client who’s going to give the final sign off, so the feedback is important for me to connect and understand what they want and how best to build that relationship. So embrace the notes you receive on a job and learn from them... but when you get the thumbs up on version one, we’ll that’s worth celebrating!



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