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Working from Home.

This week I’ve been working from home. I’m sure I’m not the only one, more and more people work from home these days and it’s predicated to rise. This is living the dream though right? Not getting dressed until lunchtime, taking calls in your pants, laptop in the garden. That might work for some, but personally I find I need more structure. If I’m working at a clients premises, I’m expected to be there around 9am (and dressed!) Now I can’t say I’m always ready to go at that hour when I’m working at home, but a timetable is important, even in a creative job, you need structure to your day. So clients might be pleased to know I don’t edit in my underwear and I don’t attempt to grade footage in the sunshine out in the back garden (not that practical at the moment anyway with it raining every half hour). Yes I’m sat in my home studio, surrounded by the things I would be when working anywhere, mac, hard-drives, notebooks, all the things that keep me focused. Now that’s the trick, focus! Focus can be tricky at home, there’s other distractions, the TV, the kettle (when did I last have a brew?), the biscuit drawer (I deserve one... or a few now surely?), the family! It’s the school summer holidays and I have two children at home, this is hardest of all. Thankfully they’re old enough to understand that although I’m at home, I’m still working and I have to say for the most part they are awesome. They’re certainly no more of a distraction than I can be to myself (must stay off Netflix). So all in all working from home is great, but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time. You miss those interactions with clients, with people and of course some projects require a lot of collaboration than others. Versatility is the key though and loving your work! Make sure you’re immersed in it, set up your space to keep yourself focused on the job and plan your time. Right now though... it’s time to get dressed!!



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