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Bon Voyage!

This week I’ve been on holiday. Endless days of blissful fun with my wife and kids, it’s been awesome. Work doesn’t quite stop when you’re freelance though does it. There are emails and calls to keep up with and that laptop packed just in case of emergencies. When I was working a staff position, I used to hate being bothered on holiday... although I did sometimes think ‘Well it’s nice that they need me’. Now it’s that feeling of being in demand and I love it! The reality is that not everyone knows you’re on holiday, but they’re super appreciative that you’ve taken a few minutes to reply and keep the ball rolling on jobs for when you return to work. You do have to return, we can’t stay on holiday forever. So embrace it, grab 5 minutes with a beer or a coffee, sit by the lake/pool/beach and set up those next jobs that are going to earn bundles of cash to spend on your next holiday!



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