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So this week Maxon and Adobe announced the 3D Design & Motion Tour and I’m trying to decide whether to go. I’ve had hit and miss results with network style events in the past. Often finding them to be a bit rubbish. The better ones tend to be events that have some focus, like Motion North that offers an evening of talks, along with a communal space to have a chat. These things can be cliquey though, people who’ve arrived together staying together and not mixing... or those weird people who latch on to you with no apparent purpose other than to hand you their uninspiring business card. This joint Maxon/Adobe event does look good though, with the Greyscalegorilla guys involved too and could well be worth a punt. I’m by no means a 3D expert, but I can hold my own with C4D and perhaps this could help me step up a little further. So if you’re thinking of attending, let me know and if I go, I’ll be sure to share what I learn.



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