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Working from Home (Pt.2).

It’s been a really busy start to 2020, working with some really nice people on some really fun projects. I find myself though this week working from home. Not because of coronavirus (although I’ll come back to that), but because my client is London based and I’m in Manchester. It‘s nice working at home, but I have to confess I much prefer working with people directly, it’s more fun and much quicker. Not that I’m complaining, this client does some really nice stuff and I’m hoping to work with them a lot more. They also have me working in Cinema4D which I don’t get to do all that often. So I’m sat here, playing in 3D, spinning records and watching the world go by outside the window while I render. If I’m forced to self-isolate because of coronavirus, I’m still here for all your film and animation needs x


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