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Concert Visuals.

I was going to write about something else this week, but I’ve had a last minute change of mind. I go to a lot of gigs (maybe too many) and I’ve always had the occupational hazard of passing judgment on the backdrop visuals. Not if it’s a logo on a curtain and some lights, but the majority of larger scale gigs will incorporate video... and more often than not it’s not great. My issue is that it’s usually clear there’s a budget, both Guns n Roses and Metallica have recently used full 3D environments, but they tend to be at most a 10 second loop. Which whilst great when first bursting on the screen, gets quite tedious by the second verse. Last night I was at Aphex Twin where the screen graphics were essentially a 2 hour melt of glitches. Now this rarely affects the gigs, we’re there for the music, the graphics and lights are extra and quite often graphics are simply replaced by live feed video for the benefit of the people at the back of the enormodrone. So I’m not really moaning, I like that an effort is made, I would really like someone to really stretch the medium though. Manic Street Preachers have come close on occasion, although they have the benefit of being able to stick some big wordy statements up there and hey presto! Superorganism also deserve a mention at rolling out a more bespoke projection. All this said, I’m just as happy in a dark room with some ear shedding guitars and a lot of smoke, but if any band* wants to push the boat out a bit, let’s talk!


*I’d have to love the band though.


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